Short history about me:

In 2010, when I finished my studies, it was already clear that my focus would be Digital Media. Therefore I focused on taking my first steps as a trainee in the world of Web Design. This way, I started to explore one of the most important CMS (Content Management System) at that time: WordPress.

In 2013, taking advantage of all the time I had free – because at that time I was only studying German in the morning – I could explore by myself all the possibilities of this new way of making a web page.

And then I began having my first jobs as a Freelance in Germany, allowing me to create a project in parallel, while studying the language.

I have to admit that this whole process has not been easy, but the learning over the years has allowed me to meet and learn from very interesting people, who have helped me defining my purpose as a creative person.

More about me:


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