Web Design UI

Product goal: Redesign the website and boost the visual elements of the brand. Add new functionalities such as a form to schedule coaching sessions and improve the user experience.


Project lead by Maria; coach, yoga therapist and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy on the way to your physical, mental and emotional well-being.


The lack of coherence with the branding and the clutter of the information does not allow the services of Espirales to be clearly highlighted. Additionally, security issues and responsive design problems made it difficult to interact with the website, creating a negative experience for users.


Design a digital product that can highlights new services. A clean and simple design to allow users to schedule training sessions and the client could make future changes and admin her content and services.

Although the initial idea was to design a landing page, after the presentation of the prototypes we found some issues so a second proposal came up with an extended version, allowing us to organize all the information.

Final Result:

Now Espirales has a fresh and friendly online presence, allowing users a better experience. The client will have the opportunity to administrate the content of the website too.

Although my approach to this project was 100% as a web designer, I liked to add some branding advices regarding to strengthen the brand of Espirales, providing ideas to highlight the services and visual elements that identify the philosophy of the business.

Prototype 1 & 2:

Final product: