What does the Branding service include?

Branding service includes: Briefing, Mood Board, Logo design, Color Palette, Suggested fonts and Business Cards.

Can I pay you in steps?

Yes, you can. Through an agreement we can fix the payments between 2 and 4 months.

How much will cost a new website?

The price depends on how much you want to include on the website but ALL my web design projects start from 1600 EUR and that price doesn’t include Hosting, Domain or any custom plugin for Multilanguage or Online shops. These addons are charged separately.

What tools do you use to design web pages?

For Web Design I work only with WordPress, because it is an open source tool which makes it easy and flexible to the needs of each client.

How is the work process when you design a web page?

My work process is divided in three stages. The first is to make sketches of how it will look Home and an internal Page, at this early stage the customer can get an idea of the design, colors, fonts and content layout. After the customer chooses the design, the second step is the installation and set-up of WordPress; digitize the idea. Finally I do tests to make sure the website looks good on all devices and has been indexed correctly in browsers.

I don't have hosting and domain. What should I do?

If you do not have Hosting and Domain I can help you to buy a new one for as long as you want it.

What is Hosting and Domain?

Hosting is the space where your website will be saved and domain is the name of your page. E.g.: mipaginaweb.com Both things are very important to begin and set-up your website. Hosting and Domain are the first thing to buy.

It is the first time I have website and do not know exactly what I want!

Don’t worry! I’ll help you make the best decision. I can give you examples and ideas to shape what you want.

Do you make a contract?

Yes, I will create a contract in order to make everything clear and written so both sides can work safely providing the necessary information, respecting the agreed times and payments.

Can you make some changes and updates on my existing website?

Currently I do not do updates of websites that have not designed. If you need an update of a Web Site that I have designed for you, these updates would be billed per hour (40,00 EUR).

What tools do you use for the online store?

For Online Shops I use WooCommerce which is open source, with a friendly interface and easy to manage for customer.