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Product goal: Design a new website with the possibility of pre-booking and paying for an online course, adding new functionalities such as the possibility of taking a test to evaluate the level of German and boost the digital presence of the school.

Sprachschatz – German Language School:

Sprachschatz is a language school for German as a foreign language. They offer professional German courses for all levels. 


Due to the pandemic, the need to digitize online courses came up, especially for people living abroad, and with this improve and automate the process of registering for courses.


Design a digital product that support the process of online booking courses. Especially focused on different kind of users, bringing the opportunity to all people to access their courses online.

Problems in the prototype:

Previously there was already a website (when the school operated physically) the idea was to start from scratch to improve the pre-booking process for a course and avoid the uncertainty that users could have when reaching the new website.

Journey Mapping helped me find pain points that confirmed the uncertainty that users would experience.

for this, we emphasized on the branding of the school, the copy and the organization of the information.

Next steps:

After the first design proposals, some very interesting insights emerged; we found some friction in the process of booking an online course.

We started iterating to find the easiest way to find an online course and pre-book online.

After several meetings with the Stakeholders, we found the best way/tool that allowed us to solve issues with the pre-booking process between the payment gateway platform and the users.

Final Result:

Product development took almost six months and it could be a long time for a website but the time was perfect to iterate and come up with the best solution.

Finally, we could reduce the process of finding an online course, getting information and making the pre-booking. Now, the school has a digital platform that allows it to reach people from all over the world.

With this project, I personally learned the importance of designing with three things in mind: the product, the user, and the business.

Final product: